Brain fog

Chronic fatigue

No answers?

Learn how environmental toxins, mold, and stealth infections make up the toxic trio and may be at the root of your health ailments.


When I started Bootcamp, every single thing was a struggle. I felt horrible! In two weeks, I was feeling much better. My attitude, brain fog, energy and ability to be normal improved drastically! Dr. Kasey is so easy to work with and genuinely cares.”

– Cecily

“Joining the Bootcamp for Battling EBV was the best decision I could have taken for restoring my health. I thank my past self for deciding to join and I’m more confident than ever that I’m on the road to wellness.The most important benefit it provided for me, apart from feeling better is teaching me how to respect my body.” 

– EBV Bootcamp member

” I wish I would have found her months ago – it would’ve saved me hours of time!
This program is loaded full of info to help you find answers, recipes to get you feeling better, weekly education & even a weekly live chat to answer any questions you may have.

   There is so much value in this program & to have such an incredibly caring doctor to coach you along the way is the cherry on top.”

– Tami

” Thank you for your guidance and help!! I am feeling the best I have in 2 years!”

– EBV Bootcamp member