Strategic coaching anchored in Naturopathic principles and a true root cause approach available in the comfort of your home through virtual video consults. This allows for the space and time to take into consideration all components of your health history and current life situations impacting your health.


What to expect

Dr. Kasey offers one – on – one coaching sessions and packages. Her unique root cause approach includes customized wellness plans anchored in Naturpathic principles to support your body’s innate healing ability. She listens to your concerns and partners with you to create a plan that works specific to your needs. You will learn more about how to take back your health and keep it. Before your appointment Dr. Kasey will review your health history, concerns and goals. During your consultation she will do a complete assessment with you so that she can better understand your overall health and well being. There are a variety of functional tests that Dr. Kasey can order that are  helpful in educating you more about your health and creating your wellness plan. Your wellness plan is complete with discussion and education on underlying causes of your symptoms, supplements, meal plans, stress modulation, and lifestyle changes all targeted to help you reach your health goals.