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At this time Dr. Kasey has several different healing packages and plans available. In order to decide what works best for you and your health goals. Please fill out the form below to get scheduled for a complimentary 15 minute discovery call with Dr. Kasey.

Overcoming chronic illnesses and stealth infections takes time. Healing is never linear. Dr. Kasey is dedicated to giving you the time, support, convenience, and empowerment to your unique health make up to take your health back and keep it. Dr. Kasey works with you and your current healthcare team to give you direction, support, and the attention to root causes that may be holding you back from healing.

Dealing with Epstein – Barr virus?

Go have a look at Dr. Kasey’s signature course. After dealing with severe reactivated Epstein – barr virus personally, she created this course that gives you a clear path forward for taking your health back with Epstein – barr virus reactivation.